Home | About | Cast & Crew | Larry | Ben | GT | Sign Up | ContactAbout the SeriesThe following is an edited first draft for this “About” page, complete with our editor’s notes in square brackets [ ]. Animal Care is a new series. [Holy shit that’s boring! That’s crap!] Okay, Animal Care is a crazy awesome new animated series. [Better, but “crazy awesome”? That’s the best you can do?] Okay, Animal Care is a… new series… about animals… [Yes, enough with the 3-dots shit. Get on with it…] Alright. Animal Care is a hilarious new animated series that everyone’s going to love. [Why? Why am I going to love it? You have to tell me why.] I don’t have to tell you anything, dude! You know, I’m doing the best I can here! [Hey, I’m only trying to help. You’re not even paying me, Mr. “I just need a little bit of help with the ‘About’ Page”. Little bit my ass!] Okay! Animal Care is a hilarious new animated series that centers on an animal sanctuary where members of the public sponsor individual animals. [Go on…] A ragtag bunch of animals have been saved by the “animal rights” crowd and brought here. These are their stories. There are stories of survival, stories of triumph, stories of [oh man, take it down a notch.] The animals try to get along with one another while also trying not to get “put down” by The Old Man, the sanctuary’s less-than-scrupulous owner. If an animal loses its human sponsor, it could end up on The Old Man’s dinner table. [Okay. This is adequate, I guess.]